CBMG Media

Today, web exposure is essential to your success. Social media networking, online music stores and media coverage are services that we can help taylor to your specific needs.

With advertising budgets shrinking and competition increasing, we can provide you with an equitable return on your investment.

Strategic Marketing
We help you identify your target market, create messaging for your products or services and where to place the media content.

Entertainment Advertising
Marketing and Promotions

Entertainment Media Consulting
The quality clients that we accept will be provided with the tools and exposure needed to succeed. From providing publiscist services to developing your online presence, CBMG has the expertise and the professional networks that get you results.

Advertising Consulting
We assist customers with ad placement services in print, TV and/or with online media that is aimed at the desired target market to ensure the best return on the investment.

Marketing & Promotions

CBMG is a full service multi-media development company that can provide fast turn-around service when your critical deadlines are not being met or are compromised.

Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding your needs and to assess the cost of the services to be provided.

Basic Fees

  • Project Evaluation
  • Labor Expense
  • Media Development
  • Viral Marketing
Free for a 1 day evaluation
Basic Project Develpoment fee 200.00
Content implementation - Optimization - maintenance 250.00 for 1st 6 months